Top 4 Reasons You’re Not Losing Body Fat (And Keeping It Off For Good)

The vast majority of people who come to me for help are in the business of trying to optimize fat loss. They have tried “everything” but just can’t seem to figure it out…

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How to Have – And Sustain Fitness Success

There are all kinds of myths out there about becoming fit and maintaining it for life…

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5 Rules for Consistent Fat Loss

So you want to lose body fat…

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Why You Should Track Biofeedback

How important is biofeedback?

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The Macro Craze

Should I count Macros?

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  • Ep. 60 Jessica Rothenberg
    Today you'll get to hear my interview with Jessica Rothenberg. Jessica has a really cool story about her own personal health and fitness journey and I'm pumped she got to share that today on the podcast. You can find Jessica on her Instagram and you can check out her website. Jessica also has two incredible […]
  • Ep. 59 Theo Bowie
    Today I interviewed strength coach Theo Bowie. Theo is INCREDIBLE at the mastery of human movement and mobility. Check him out on his Instagram.    "Strength Basics" - My First Downloadable 12-Week Training eBook - Check It Out HERE   To apply for coaching with Ben Racke Fitness, visit   To get 15% off […]
  • Ep. 58 Q&A w/ Danny Matranga
    Today we answered: Thoughts on BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) training? Should you do ankle mobility drills with or without shoes? BCAA's for vegans? Proper reverse dieting protocol? Should I be using a weight belt?   "Strength Basics" - My First Downloadable 12-Week Training eBook - Check It Out HERE   To apply for coaching with […]
  • Ep. 57 Paul Clingan
    Paul is a personal trainer, yoga instructor and lululemon ambassador. Growing up an athlete, he always felt like he was healthy. He worked out, played sports, and thought that was it. The more he learned about health and fitness, the more he learned that true health is of the mind and the body. The body […]
  • Ep. 56 Q&A - Hot Yoga, Are Abs Made in the Kitchen, Tracking Applications & MORE!
    Today I answered: Thoughts on hot yoga? Have you tried it? Do you agree that abs are made in the kitchen? When working out, should I do cardio, then weights, or weights, then cardio? How do you fit in your own workouts when you're busy with clients? Do you recommend any apps for tracking food, […]