Make Time for What’s Important


A lot of us get caught up in our everyday lives. Whether it be school, work projects, personal goals etc. we all can get a bit overwhelmed. This makes us lose sight of things that are truly important in our lives.

Things like:

  • Health and wellbeing (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually)
  • Relationships (intimate and friendships)
  • Sleep

When these things in our personal life start to deteriorate, it will have a significant impact on our professional lives. And although people may think you’re killing it, if you feel horrible all the time, you are probably making those around you feel the same way. I have struggled with this before in the past, and it has had a significant impact on my health, as well as hurt some of my relationships. There are things I like to do now to ensure that I’m making time for what’s important in my life.

  1. Move/Workout every day. This is my time to work on myself and clear my mind of anything else that is going on.
  2. Schedule specific time (on Google Calander) for friends/dates etc. This way I don’t feel as if I need to be doing something else while I’m with that person/people. I’m giving 100% of my time/effort to them.
  3. Cooking. This might sound dumb and sometimes cooking is annoying. Although I don’t cook every single day, most days I’ll prepare my meals so I know exactly what I’m getting. This way I’m eating food that I know will benefit me in the best way possible. It’s also a good mindfulness activity to prepare food (cutting, seasoning, grilling etc.).
  4. Try to cut off my electronics 30–45 minutes before bed. I am currently failing at this one, but when I do it I feel an incredible difference in my energy levels in the morning (because I sleep better) and tend to go to bed earlier. I also read before I fall asleep which helps me clear some of the brain fog I have from time to time.

Make time for the important parts of your life individually and with the people in your life. How you make others feel is how you will truly be remembered, and it starts by taking ownership of how you’re living your life.

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